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The following feedback is from participants using the Innovative Thinking techniques on a regular basis:

- A framework for thinking versus a scattergun approach
- Provides structured thinking
- Idea generation is a process and not an event
- Allows you to tackle any problem in a structured and detailed manner
- I can apply the techniques to the issues I face everyday at the office
- Allows you to provide cost effective solutions to clients
- Trains the mind towards structured thinking and creates an eye for detail
- Different processes allow you to generate different idea
- Provides the confidence to present ideas in a structured and logical way
- Ability to present ideas in a commercially viable way
- Allows you to present options that are qualified and quantified
- Allow us to work together more effectively as a team
- Very practical, easy to learn and use
- It was one of the, if not, the greatest training classes that I have taken


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