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"Innovative Thinking training proved a real boon for the sales and marketing team I ran in Osaka. Four years on and the results are on the board and unparalleled - Osaka has been number two in the world for sales and number one in North East Asia for three years in a row.
Why? The capacity for us to harness the creative power of the team has been the key factor. The Innovative Thinking structure for idea generation has proven the differentiator in this training system and I only wish I had found it earlier! I am definitely going to use it here in Tokyo in my new role."

Dr. Greg Story
Australian Senior Trade Commissioner, Tokyo

“Conrad Heraud's Innovative Thinking program has proven to be one of our more popular courses. Participants have consistently given the program high marks on their evaluations and commented that the skills learned in the program can be applied directly and effectively to the jobs they are doing.
We will continue to provide the Innovative Thinking program to our staff to help them successfully meet the challenges they face in their work.”

Larry Purdy
Vice President, Training and Development Citicorp Services Japan

“Most of our local managers, supervisors and officers in Japan have attended the The 8 Techniques of Innovative Thinking course, and we are planning to send more staff from various departments such as Sales, Marketing, Reservations, Ticketing, Traffic, Cargo etc. It is our company philosophy that Training is an Investment for tomorrow.”

Shiro Shibuya
Personnel & Administration Manager Japan, Singapore Airlines

“The first session of our Innovative Thinking course resulted in 8 ideas. We followed up on 6 of them and we are actively pursuing 4 of those. In the second session (half-day), we followed up 2 ideas that have led to major new initiatives and action.  I liked the practical focus of Innovative Thinking and the way in which it enabled us to come up with manageable sized ideas to implement straight away. It was also by far the most popular training course which my staff took last year.”

Jane Owen
Director of Trade Promotion
British Embassy


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